2024: HICCS-57, AEA Meetings, PLAMADISO, Digital Economy Workshop 2024, Paris Conference on Digital Economics, HEC Paris, UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (scheduled), Munich Summer Institute (scheduled), BSE Summer Forum (scheduled), SCECR (scheduled), Bruegel (scheduled), 2nd EU-DPRN Summit (scheduled).

2023: AEA Meetings, European University Institute, European Commission, Stanford University Workshop on AI and Society, Digital Economy Workshop Lausanne, Theory in Economics of Information Systems Workshop, International Industrial Organization Conference, Luohan Academy DiTalk, Chapman University, UC Davis, Platform Strategy Research Symposium at Boston University, Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, TPRC Conference, CIST, MIT IDE, Stanford University, NABE Tech Economics Conference, WISE (scheduled).

2022: AEA Meetings, Bruegel, Oligo Workshop, University of Passau, CRESSE Annual Conference, Stanford University, Athena Competition Law and Policy Forum, Boston University's Platform Strategy Research Symposium, 8th International Forum on Competition Challenges in the Digital Environment in Mexico, World of Technology and Science Exposition, University of Amsterdam, Tilburg University, Transatlantic Expert Group on the Future of Work Closing Plenary, CESifo Network Area Conference on the Economics of Digitization , Public Hearing at the Hellenic Competition Commission, ICIS, WISE.

2021: AEA Meetings, International Industrial Organization Conference, Stanford University, European University Association Leadership Workshop, TILTing - Regulating at Times of Crisis, University College London, Copenhagen Business School, Academy Society for Competition Law Annual Meeting, Bruegel, Boston University's Platform Strategy Research Symposium, Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, CEPR - RIETI Conference, World Congress of the Game Theory Society.

2020: MIT IDE, UC Berkeley, CIST, WISE, Harvard Kennedy School, Asian Development Bank Institute Annual Conference, OECD Public Hearing on Digital Competition.