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Working Papers


Work in Progress

  • The Implications of Generative AI for Business: Evidence from the App market (with Erik Brynjolfsson, Ruyu Chen, Nestor Duch-Brown and J. Frank Li)
  • How to Define Digital Markets Through Online Experiments (with Erik Brynjolfsson, Avinash Collis and Felix Eggers).
  • Industrial Data Sharing: The Unintended Consequences of the Data Act (with Jan Kramer)
  • Big Tech Platform Mergers and Market Entry (with Zhou Zhou and Marshall Van Alstyne).
  • Platform Quality, Network Effects and Competition (with Nestor Duch-Brown).
  • Robot Rubrics: How Robotic Technologies Will Change Industrial and Home Production (with Matt Beane, Erik Brynjolfsson, Tom Mitchell, Zanele Muniykwa, J. Frank Li and Daniel Rock).
  • Bundling and Two-part Tariffs on the Internet (with Erik Brynjolfsson).
  • Competition and Innovation Under Credit Constraints (with Wang Jin and J. Frank Li).
  • Artificial Intelligence Skill Concentration and its Implications for Productivity (with Wang Jin and Sebastian Steffen).
  • Skills and Technological Change: A Comparison between Germany and the U.S. (with Sebastian Steffen).
  • Implications of Machine Learning for Labor Markets: Evidence from Europe (with Erik Brynjolfsson and Daniel Rock).
  • Optimal Pricing in Gig Economy Platforms (with Elizabeth Altman and Jovana Karanovic).