2022 - Today: Research Associate, MIT Sloan.

2019 - 2022: Marie Słodowska-Curie Global Fellowship for research at Bruegel and MIT decomposed as following:

             2019 - 2021: Postdoctoral Associate at MIT Sloan.

             2021 - 2022: Resident Fellow at Bruegel

2016 - 2019: Resident Fellow at Bruegel.


Other Current Affiliations

2020 - Today: Digital Fellow, Digital Economy Lab, Stanford HAI, Stanford University.

2022 - Today: Non-resident Fellow at Bruegel.

2022 - Today: Research Network Affiliate at CESifo (Main area: Economics of Digitization).


Education and Training

2017: PhD degree in Economics (Summa Cum Laude) from Toulouse School of Economics.

Main PhD advisor: Philippe Aghion.

2014: Research internship, HP Labs, Palo Alto, USA.

2013: Research internship at Banque de France, Paris, France.

2012: Traineeship at the European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany.

2011: MSc in Markets and Organizations, University of Toulouse, Toulouse, France.

2009: Research MSc in Economics & MSc in Mathematical Economics and Econometric methods, Tilburg University. Two degrees.

2006-2007: First year of the programme MSc Astrophysics, Utrecht University.

2006: BSc in Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Major: Astronomy and Astrophysics. Member of the General Theory of Relativity Research Group).



2015: Best Teaching Award for the second year MSc. course Microeconomics II for which I was TA (Instructor: Patrick Rey).

2015:  My paper contribution on the relationship between competition and innovation was shortlisted to the best 8 scientific articles written by young Greek scientists (announcement in greek) in a competition organized by the Crisis Observatory of Eliamep.

2017: The first chapter of my PhD dissertation (co-authored with Bert Willems) was included in the research highlights of Toulouse School of Economics (TSE Mag 14).

2019: Nominated for the best academic paper in the category "Concerted Practices" of the Antitrust Writing Awards.

2020: My paper submission on the pricing mechanisms in the Cloud Computing Market was finalist for the Best Paper Award (one of the four papers nominated) in the Workshop of Information Systems and Economics (WISE 2020).

2020 - 2021: Member of the High-level Panel of Economic Experts of the European Commission whose task was to provide advice and guidance on platform regulation.

2021: Recipient of the Antitrust Writing Award for the best academic paper in the category "Digital" (co-authored with Geoffrey Parker and Marshall Van Alstyne).

2021: Expert at the Hellenic Competition Commission. I provided some input on the Greek E-commerce Sector Inquiry.

2022: Recipient of the Antitrust Writing Award for the best academic paper in the category "Mergers" (co-authored with Geoffrey Parker and Marshall Van Alstyne).